Nephew Peter, myself, and Priscilla Rigg (circa 2004)

Psalm 113 | 1 Samuel 1:19-28 | Luke 1:46-56

We are now in the throes of Advent 2020, on top of a pandemic, but I digress…

Reading Luke, no singing Luke 1:46-56 warmed my heart… back around 1995, I first met Priscilla Rigg, then St. Luke’s heralded Director of Music… once she discovered I played the guitar, she enlisted me and Brad and Bruce, soon to become The Three Amigos, into service teaching hymns to children and parents just before the start of Church School on Sunday morning. Most definitely a feeder program for her children’s choirs. It wouldn’t be long before I was a tenor in her Canterbury choir singing the Magnificat. Oh, what a joy back then as today.

My Christian Brothers education at La Salle Academy was formidable, but nothing compared to my spiritual growth over the years at St. Luke’s.

The passage from Samuel sent me to the scholars for their thoughts… their takeaway was:

  • Be patient and make time for God as you journey
  • What we give to God, we received from God
  • Teach your children of God

Samuel’s narrative reminds me how blessed I have been to teach Journey To Adulthood, mentor and chaperone many J2A mission trips to the Dominican Republic, and to thank the many priests who have guided me on my life’s journey, Padre Tim most recently. Muchas gracias Padre Tim.

And the first shall be last… Psalm: 113… one of three Hallelujah Psalms (thanks, Google).

Scholars inform me this Psalm tells of a God who is great and gracious…

It begins and ends with “Praise” … my take on this is to be an “active” Christian, not passive…

It is December 19, 2020. I miss my dear friend Priscilla. I am glad she did not have to suffer through this pandemic. I patiently await a vaccine. And I am comforted by the wonderful stories of the birth of Jesus (thanks, Linus… and St. Luke’s).

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Rob Walsh

Bruce, Brad, and Rob, The Tree Amigos, recording at St. Luke’s November 5, 2020.

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