Welcome to St. Luke’s

With everything we do at St. Luke’s, we believe in proclaiming and celebrating the good news of a Jesus who was all about compassion, kindness, grace, forgiveness and relationship.

We are inclusive, welcoming all who seek to grow in God’s love in our church. Families, singles, and children of all ages openly engage with one another with a sense of caring, understanding, and a shared commitment to our faith.

The worship experience defines the core of who we are, enriching us with engaging preaching, rich liturgy, and inspirational music. We balance an appreciation of our Episcopal traditions with an openness to contemporary worship experience.

We are committed to Christian formation at all levels, providing ongoing and varied educational opportunities to our young people and adults to nurture their spiritual development and relationship with God.

We are committed to outreach and to using the strength that we gain from our experiences at St. Luke’s to make a difference beyond our walls in our community, diocese, region, and beyond.

We are committed to stewardship and see faithful giving as an expression of the relationship that we share with God while providing St. Luke’s with the collective resources to do God’s work in the world.