Psalm 122 | 1 Samuel 1:19-28 | Luke 1:46-56

Luke 1:46-55

My Soul Magnifies the Lord…

During my life this has always been one of my prayers. In fact, in the book of Common Prayer, during daily Evening Prayer the Song of Mary as it has come to be known, is often used. This beautiful prayer has a very interesting context.

Frist we need to understand the setting in which Mary says these beautiful words.  Mary had traveled from Nazareth to the countryside to visit her cousin Elisabeth who was also pregnant (with John the Baptist). Mary and Joseph had traveled approximately 100 miles, not in car or an airplane, but probably on foot or perhaps even a donkey.

Second, Mary was also pregnant. Mary only knew her cousin was pregnant because the angel Gabriel had told her. So Mary, after being told that she is going to be the Mother of the Son of God, did not believe herself to be special but her actions where to go help her cousin who was with child.  Mary could have easily become complacent or even believe that she had a “golden ticket”, instead she goes to someone in need. 

Taking these thing into consideration we can see how remarkable this beautiful prayer is. It encapsulates, not only the how special Mary is but it is also an invitation so that in our own lives we can become more like Mary and glorify the Lord, in Word and Deed.

So, how do WE magnify the Lord? How do WE proclaim the Lord to those around us? Let us remember that the Magnificat is a message of hope. If the world needs anything today, it is hope. Hope in God’s mercy, hope in God’s love, hope in God’s intervention in human existence. Let us magnify and proclaim the Lord to those around us by perhaps a smile to a stranger, or a note to a neighbor or estranged family member. Kindness and service is the way in which Mary teaches us today that our actions and words matter because they can be instruments of Love. Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, we can still emulate Mary by bringing kindness and hope to those around us. The joyful song of Mary reminds us that giving is much better than receiving and giving without strings attached, giving selflessly, giving with the heart of a true servant brings God’s love and peace to all.

Eddy and Paula

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