Seek Justice and Rescue the Oppressed

March 2, 2021

Isaiah 1:2–4,16–20 | Matthew 23:1–12 | Psalm 50:7–15,22–24

We are spending the winter in Georgia as we have for many years.

As has been much in the news, Georgia has a long history of Black voter suppression. Much has been done to correct this, but at every turn, it continues along with other racial injustices. This is not limited to Georgia, by any means, however it is much more evident here. The state legislature is currently trying to further restrict voter registration.

The prophet Isaiah calls on us to “seek justice and rescue the oppressed”. As Christians we are called to do the same. It is our moral responsibility to call out these injustices and work to correct them. Quoting Presiding Bishop Curry, “I think the teachings of Jesus are just as clear that Christian folk and Christian leaders cannot abide or countenance anybody’s supremacy over anybody else, white or anything, and cannot remain silent. Silence is consent.”

Ellen Abell

Photo credit: Georgia Public Broadcasting