Psalm 85:8-13 | Isaiah 45:5-8(9-17)18-25 | Luke 7:19-23

Sometimes, I try to picture what it would be like if Jesus came to our world right now, in human form. Imagine the local news report gone viral with the description of a person walking into the ICU of a nearby hospital and healing the patients suffering from COVID with the touch of a hand. There would be YouTubers tracking this individual’s every step and a paparazzi of phones in the air as this person cured people of “diseases, plagues, and evil spirits.”

Would we believe it? Or would we watch our TVs fascinated, looking to find the trick of the charlatan? Would we somehow know that this One is different from manipulating cult leaders that twist the minds of the populous? Would we know? Would we believe? Would we give in to love?

Then I remember the times in my life when He carried me. The moments of deep pain and loss when there was only one set of footprints in the sand. I remember afternoons, walking with my kids and stopping to marvel at a snowy egret or a great blue heron among the brilliant green marsh grass and glittering waters near Wickford village. I think of the gentle, warm sunlight streaming through the stain glass windows of St. Luke’s on Sunday mornings. On these occasions, I am reminded that God is in us and all around us. He is revealed every day throughout the world and through each other. I am reminded He is always present, and this gives me peace.

Jennifer Cormier

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