Every one of us can be a Saint Nicholas

December 9, 2021

Psalm 145:1-4,8-13, Isaiah 41:13-20; Matthew 11:7-15

Advent is the season during which we prepare for the coming of the Great King, the Holy One of Israel. And most of us are pretty good at preparing ourselves for that event—or at least for the celebration of it. However, John the Baptist called upon his listeners to prepare the way of the Lord, that is, a route for the King to travel to his Kingdom. That Kingdom is within us and around us, and it seems proper preparation would address both. 

Advent gives us the opportunity to heed the Baptist’s call to prepare the King’s way—not only to the hearts of those we know but also to those we do not know and will never meet. Saint Nicolas is said to have tossed bags of coins through the windows of the neediest of his town, anonymously bringing joy to them. Saint Luke’s offers many opportunities for such anonymous giving: the Giving Tree, East Greenwich Food Bank, and Loaves and Fishes, among others. There are other local organizations as well. What is Christmas if not generosity without recognition?

Individual efforts may seem like small things, but every one of us can be a Saint Nicholas and the hand of God for someone. Isaiah reminds us that God will be with those efforts and can magnify them beyond anything we can imagine. Our Lord can transform small acts of kindness into a sharp new threshing sledge to break through the obstacles to establishing his Kingdom and bringing joy to many. All are worthy of God’s love. What better a way to prepare for Christmas than to show those less fortunate that God loves them and that they are worth of that love?

Steve & PJ Capps 

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